Dragon sword online

Quests were simple enough, if I was stuck on a certain quest. Hopefully, that clears things up when it comes down to the combat mechanics of this game. If you're having a big FPS dip.

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Dragon Sword

If you still insist on trying out the game, then you can do so by checking out my Dragon Sword Online Registration Guide. I'm pretty sure you can guess from which game, I take that back, I meant from a variety of titles. Unforunately, the awesome graphics can't carry this game alone. Moving on to the music!

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Sworv I had to do was press the "L" key, this key would bring up my questing log. To my surprise the game is very I suggest, changing to windowed mode or selection the 3rd Nvidia Option.

I couldn't name any of my characters Steparu, so I went with random Chinese names. From there, all I had to cragon was click on the "Yellow Text" and it will Auto-Run my character to the place that I need to be. The combat and targeting mechanics lean towards more the Dragon Nest or Continent of the Ninth style.

Not that I can understand the story, but it felt like I was watching some Chinese oriental fantasy movie with some Dragon Ball Z action going on.

They will re-unite dargon the other races in the game and meet up in a large sized town. Just as long as you have the target in a cone direction in front of you, no matter how many times you LMB to attack your character will stand in a static place. Which didn't bother me as much, until I started playing around with the swore more. Perhaps that's just the lag talking? The sound department was a bit broken for me, sound FX was randomly clipping on,ine delayed for some reason. It's one of the main reasons that actually got me interested in this game other than the combat alone.

There are three races in Dragon Sword Online and I made videos for them right below.

This is no coincidence which had me thinking and wondering. I enjoyed most of the BGM I ran across during my adventures.

The game was lacking a bit in originality for me to continue playing and the latency issues wasn't helping at all. Very easy to level up. Perhaps I am being too harsh of a critic, but I am just stating my personal opinions. Which made my experience very awkward, you might actually notice it during my recorded play sessions in this review.

A nice feature about some of the main story missions is that you get to play as a different character with super overpowered skills also shown below. Is this game popular in China? I got around just fine without reading a single word in the game. Thanks to the upcoming Korean version shown in G-Star and Cinderboy for reminding me to try out this game! Judging by the amount of servers currently up and running.

I can't read Chinese at all, so I ended up pressing random buttons and winning. So simple and easy that it takes about a minute to register, but a long time for the game to download! I hope you enjoyed reading my weird review and see you on my next adventures!

DL Won't start if you have another launcher in your system tray. Tons of servers to choose from, I just picked a random one, since I might not play that long. It currently doesn't have an IP block, so you're more than free to try out the game.

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