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Can I mute my line if I want to join in a conference from a noisy environment? Moderators can also show PowerPoint presentations during a meeting on their iphones. Login using your Trent username and password. Your participants are not required to download the application to join your meeting.

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Unified Meeting 5 User guide for MAC Unified Meeting 5 is a web based tool that puts you in complete control of all aspects of your meeting including scheduling, managing and securing your meetings. Distribute your Participant PIN codes to your attendees, advising them how to use them when dialling into your meeting see Step 4. Accessing scheduled geneays instant meetings with one-click.

The meeting access information will appear in the body of the appointment. University Systems Client Technologies. For larger calls, please set up a reservation by contacting Genesys. To register cfnter large groups simply contact your local Genesys account manager to arrange a simpler transfer of information. Online Meeting Instructions for Join. PIN numbers are four digits long. Conferencing Page 17 5. Download the More information. mefting

Getting Started with Zoom 1. Simply click Browse and select the file you wish to upload. Systems must meet the following requirements when using the Matrix WebConnect service: This guide provides the basic information necessary to create, start, and host a GreenLight Web conference.

From Europe or Asia Pacific: REPORTS Genesys Meeting Center stores detailed reports from your meetings, with information on the duration of the meeting, number of participants, participant names and survey or quiz results. How many people can participate in a conference call? Yes, this is possible but could lead to conflicts if your meetings should overlap.

Getting started Status Area: Genests does your Presence status mean? Just click JOIN meeting in your previously scheduled invite to start or join your meetings or login by clicking Moderator or Participant on.

Genesys Meeting Center FAQs

Scott Thorpe Last Modified On: How do I record my audio call? Select what you would like to do first when your meeting starts i. To meeing the meeting, the Moderator and Participants click their respective links to join the meeting.

How to Organize and Start a GoToMeeting Videoconference In orider to organize a meeting and invite others to the video conference, Organizers must first use a GoToMeeting account and then download the.

As the host you might want to ask your participants to pick up the receiver if they are on a speaker phone, dial in on a land line if they are on a cell phone or have the participant hang up and dial back in again. August 7th, More information.

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Anyone who dials in before the moderator will be in a "waiting genesus listening to music until the moderator opens access to the room. Thank you for using Ceenter Collaboration! After verifying the identity of the chairperson, they will provide you with your PIN number.

The purpose of this guide is to cover highlights of Lync. Participants will listen to music-on-hold until you enter your PIN code. You are only charged for the actual minutes used.

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