Breeding farm 2013

Breeding Farm is, unfortunately, one of those rare instances. For what it is, it's not too bad. They kidnap them and auction them off over the internet? It's certainly better than some similar movies. The actors keep themselves up fairly well considering.

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Though it isn't the worst of recent Troma titles, so maybe it could be worth a watch to that one guy out there who just loves the majority of bad new Troma!

The movie does differ by focusing on the women being used for breeding, but the basics are the same. I love horror movies.

But the real bummer is the writing. Breeding Farm Also known as: It's certainly better than some similar movies. The movie was more perverse than I expected it to be, but that doesn't mean we have a good movie on our hands.

When the partying is coming to a close, four girls end up being kidnapped. After a night of partying, four 22013 are kidnapped by a mysterious man.

There is an underground business dealing in the trafficking of young women. There's a lot of nudity in the movie, some rape and various "breeding" scenes, but yet again that doesn't help it very far. Rachel Sara May is having a birthday party at her house thrown by breedibg dad, Jim, played by director and co-writer Cody Knotts see also Pro-Wrestlers vs. It Comes At Night Breeding Farm is, frm, one of those rare instances. - From extreme underground horror reviews to independent arthouse and beyond

Except that the only girls we see sold are purchased by a cannibal couple, which then makes it confusing why they only kidnap young girls; Do young girls taste better than boys?

Which, unfortunately, isn't anything great. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email hreeding will not be published. As a supporter of breeing film it's really a bummer when the end results are usually bad. These young girls are milked and bred It lacks a lot of punch and the overall production is about as bland as the movie itself.

Love and Other Cults 8. And what police department hires a dude with a teardrop tattoo on his face?

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A human breeding farm. There's just a limited amount of times you can say the same things.

I don't have much else to say about "Breeding Farm". This is an 2103 paragraph that gets to the point rather quickly, I realize that, but that's just so you won't need to read the rest!

They are even less fun to review, if I'll be honest.

Essentially we have yet another torture movie here. It just feels like another repeat viewing, and those are never fun. It can be bought from: From here on out, stupidity ensues.

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There's one thing that I am sure will help some people get through this movie, and that is the amount of nude women in distress. So many questions, so little time spent on the premise.

The girls are yelled at, insulted the same way over and over, stripped, beaten, raped, and forced to act as farm animals. For what it is, it's not too bad.

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