Cars for need for speed most wanted

Ah - this explains why one of the most wanted cars I needed to shut down spawned on a remote road I was driving around just after taking this screenshot! In short this car is the most powerful in the game Well it can handle with ease the heat level 5 and it wont disapoint you in races I find it better to handle than the gallardo or the viper lets see how its gonna fare against razor V 14 Comments. Yes it's the best car for the pursuit superb handling and is a must for pursuit. High in speed, power and handling. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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If you need something for pursuits or drag races there are better choices, but for the races, the Elise is a serious rocket.

It has good acceleration and very high speed. I've finished the game with all of them starter cars and this one soeed my favorite because it had no weaknesses and handled perfectly for mine or anybody else's driving style.

Most Downloaded Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars

Stupidly fast with junkman parts V 38 Comments. It's not very fast but you can ram rhino units and take them down easily.

Would it just be easier to re-run the race and hope for better luck with the cops next time? Gt might be lil faster but handling and perfect speed goes to baby lambo. Best car in the game try beating your time in any circuit, sprint, knockout or speed trap with this beauty and you surely will succeed in beating even the fastest cars.

Got it just today, had to have many races with this beast to win it. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Great speed accellaration and handling awesome!

The Marrussia is the best! The Bugatti veyon is the fast car in the game I know Because I play all racing games. I recommend everyone to try out this beauty.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Cars

However, if you're buying this car instead of getting the pink slip from Webster, then it's not any good, as Webster's car has some locked performance upgrades. I got it last week Its due to this car that I won the race against razor. Whoever added this car should remove it now! We are talking about the version of the game.

When Put junkman parts on this car and play online your gon see me twice on the starting line modt waiting for you at the finish. Superb razor didn't stand a chance A small car with good handling, acceleration and kmph top speed. Brilliant speed, Brilliant acceleration, Not enough nitrous to fully utilize this car's awesome potential, absolutely sensational!

My favorite car in the game its just real fast with great control and bulky great for cop chases and races in general! R Very fast but you can't find it at career Really it's a very cool car!

Blacklist 2 Bull's car. Won all the races from blacklist 4 to 1 with it, got about 4m bounty and beat Razor. Absolutely the best car in the game. I think this car is 1 in the fod you can easily complete your milestone challenges with this car because this car got great strength ffor.

You can beat any of the car in this game easily with Murcielago if you can Handel Murcielago perfectly.

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I put junkman parts in it and now it's specs are almost full. It is the margin that separates the from the I personally think every car is good given the right performance tuning but DB9 doesn't need a lot of tweaks to maximize its potential.

Can play all game only with this cras. Its due to this car that I won the race against razor. The handling is simply amazing. Easy to maneuver at high speed Only car I ever used to finish the entire blacklist, one of the nicest drives hands down V 7 Comments.

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