Calma amor exaltasamba

Prateado - Fernando Paz. Paulo Santana - Jorge Dos Santana. Carlos Caetano - Cisco. Create a new account.

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O Melhor Do Samba []. Leandro Lehart - Evandro - Malli. Access the complete album info 27 songs.

However, it wasn't until that they truly became successful, with their and albums, "Luz do Desejo and "Desliga e Vem" each going Double Platinum. The year thereafter, Thiaguinho announced that he planned on leaving the group.

Ao Vivo Na Ilha da Magia []. Thiaguinho - Billy SP. Nem Pensar Ao Vivo.

‎Calma Amor by Exaltasamba on Apple Music

Access the complete album info 12 songs. Eu Sou O Samba - Exaltasamba Pagode Do Esaltasamba Ao Vivo. Meus Sucessos 1 Doia - Walmir Borges. Pick a user name: Access the complete album info 22 songs.

VIDEO Calma amor Exaltasamba

Thiaguinho - Bruno Cardozo. Ela Entrou Na Danca. Access the complete album info 16 songs. Pericles - Izaias - Thiaguinho.

Don't keep it to yourself! Anjo Meu Ao Vivo.

Exaltasamba - Calma Amor

Delcio Luiz - Adalto Magalha. Alegrando A Massa Pimp of the Nation.

Te Vejo Na TV. Evandro - Malli - Leandro Lehart. Pagode Do Exalta Ao Vivo Know any other songs by Exaltasamba? They subsequently announced their disbandment after 25 years as a band.

Carlos Caetano - Cisco. Exaltasamba Ao Vivo Pericles - Izaias - Chrigor. Access the complete album info 15 songs.

Access the complete album info 20 songs. The group began simply playing gigs in restaurants and bars. Ta Na Hora de Ir.

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