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You begin each game with three of each kind of trap: I loved this game, and am still playing it as I am writing this review. His worst fears come to life after he stashes enough valuables to clear a level.

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Weapon items include hair dryers, crossbows, cans, ice cream scoops, CD players, cameras, rubber bands, wire, balloons, snowballs, hot coals, pepper, glue, super balls, BBs, rope, batteries, and flashbulbs. Searching google for the answer to see if that helps any.

But, with a bit more effort agme could have been a great game. I loved this game, and am still playing it as I am writing this review. Packaging for the NES version. For whatever reason, young Kevin is home alone for the holidays once again so the "Wet Bandits", out on parole from the state slone, call in the posse to enact a long-overdue payback. Play Now Download the gqme version. Home Alone is the title of several tie-in video games based on the film of the same name.

Kevin has been left home all alone for Christmas, whilst his family is on holiday trip. I loved the digitized faces of Marv and Harry.

Kevin's a kid genius when it comes to masterminding felon-foiling traps. Worse Yet, criminals are trying to break into the house to get their hands on what they can. That alone makes the game worth playing. It is much better than it's sequel game, which came out a few years later. Description of Home Alone A fun platform game based on the hit gams of the same name, Home Alone casts you as 7-year-old Kevin who is left alone in the house as his parents absent-mindedly left for vacation.

Hulsie 0 point DOS version.

He will use all the items he has got in the house to make traps for the. Such is the case with Harry and Marv, the goofy crooks who unsuccessfully tried to clean out the McCallister family homestead in the top-grossing slapstick flick of all time, Home Alone. The game is based on the same-named movie. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Rini 0 point DOS version. If a crook catches you, the game ends.

The graphics are too plain and don't help the game along. Once all items have been sent down the chute to the basement, Kevin must make it past rats, bats, and ghosts he encounters in the basement, then fight a boss so he can make it to the safe room to lock away all of his family's riches.

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No further setting of traps is possible after this period. If you're Home Alone you might find this one's a steal! Kev can also splash thugs with a water pistol, bop them with baseballs, snipe at them with a sling-shot, and bonk them with a Alonr gun. You can try to set traps for the criminals ahead of time, or you can follow them into the houses and try to stop them with your weapons. Use the "domino effect" to execute many of Alonf deadliest booby-traps. You must prevent this.

Home Alone

Huckleberry Hound in Hollywood Capers. As a game alon is OK and has some good action sequences. Study the movement of Level Three's spooks before making a dash for safety. When it asks you the enter the code, press "N" Capital N.

We are still doing our best to keep the site open and free and will appreciate apone support to help it stay that way. There are multiple versions of the game and each features a different style of gameplay, but all share the same plot and roughly the same objective:

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