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Windows 7 does a good job of automatically defragmenting your harddrives quietly in the background. This open source audio editor lets you record in stereo, remove noise, apply various effects, edit channels individually, cut and combine files, remove vocals from songs and much more. Tor the Onion Router works by encrypting your data and redirecting it through a series of remote servers around the world, making it all but impossible to trace. CCleaner can also clear our your web browser's cookies and stored passwords for added security.

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NET is a much more advanced tool, with more than enough features to keep amateur photographers happy. VLC also supports advanced playback features, such as bookmarks and subtitles. Won't you let it? Or you might have been unfortunate enough to lose data due to physical damage to a drive, or corruption.

The scan-to-PDF tool is particularly handy if you have a paper worksheet or handout to wineows, and the Microsoft Office Plugins are a brilliant touch.

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They're simply a way of sharing particularly large files, and many artists and producers are now choosing to release material this way. In the land of zipping, 7-Zip is king.

They're also handy for downloading copyright-free media, games and other content. Just make sure you read the description of each item carefully before erasing it, so you don't accidentally purge anything useful. It knows how to parse code and linebreaks and can make a jumbled mass of text into something perfectly readable.

Top 5 Apps for Windows 7 Free Download for PC

MusicBee is designed to organize songs and podcasts in a logical way, add accurate metadata, and give you the best sound quality your PC can provide — whether you have a high-end soundcard or not. VLC offers a couple extra features that I love: Right-click on a compressed file and you can extract it there and then.

Adobe software has a reputation for bloat, and it's true that there are lighter PDF applications out there. Google Chrome review Download Google Chrome. We love its reliability, even if it's missing some of Windows 8's under-the-hood improvements. Another way to protect your privacy online is to use a VPN virtual private network service, which disguises your identity and location using remote servers.

It also has a huge team of dedicated volunteers who keep it updated with new features and squish bugs as soon as they're identified. You can download Pidgin for windows by click here.

The free service lets you create a master password, then creates strings of gibberish for all of your accounts, so you never have to worry about one website breach compromising all of your information. If you're also still using Windows 7, your gaming PC is probably loaded with years of accumulated software.

Download Windows Ultimate for Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

That's not VLC's slogan, but it may as well be. That said, Microsoft Office isn't your only option when you're using Windows 7 at work. Just make sure you have permission from the copyright holder before you start downloading videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Shotcut review Download Shotcut. There have been some bumps along the road in Chrome's development--sometimes it gets slow or crashy for a release or two--but it's hard to imagine living without some of its features, like tab and password syncing between desktop and laptop and smartphone. It's not cluttered with ads, has a clear interface, and is easy to get to grips with.

If you want something more entertaining than watching paint dry, you need Steam — Valve's huge PC gaming platform and store, where you can find almost every title you could wish for, often with deep discounts. You've got nothing to lose. Noteworthy features include adjustment and retouch tools that rival commercial image-editing packages, plus the ability to build up and manipulate parts of an image in Photoshop-style layers.

Windows 7 comes with a tool for extracting compressed file archives, but there are dozens, if not hundreds of different types around and it only supports a small handful. Piriform — the delightfully-named developer of Recuva — also makes an excellent PC optimization tool called CCleaner.

Continuing the theme of entertainment, let's move to ebooks. If you do any video editing, Handbrake should be in your arsenal.

It's hugely customizable via plugins, fast, and integrates with your Google account so you can sync bookmarks and preferences between different devices — including 77 and tablets. Windows Live Photo Gallery can organize your photos, but Picasa does a more comprehensive job scouring your hard disks for images and filing them in order.

If your disc or video file has multiple audio tracks — perhaps an audio commentary, or a dubbed dialogue track in a different language — VLC lets you choose between them.

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