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The maximum number of lines to store in each log file. The data types model in Data Modeler combines two kinds of data: Deletes the selected object.

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The rest of this topic briefly describes business information objects, listed in alphabetical order not the order in which they appear in the object browser under Business Information.

To create an arc, do so after creating all the relationships to be included. These options affect which clauses and keywords are included. Case Sensitive Names in Compare Functionality: See Find Object Search.

These properties cause Oracle Database to treat values of one data type differently from values of another data type.

An entity may have candidate unique identifiers, one of which can be defined as primary unique identifier. One relational diagram, modelee an optional set of subviews and auxiliary displays, each associated with the appropriate diagram or subview Relational model object definitions Subviews are considered as independent diagrams of the relational model, created to represent different subject areas.

Each contact object can be associated with multiple email, location, URL, and telephone objects. To delete an existing reporting repository, follow these steps in Data Modeler: Any saved physical models are not initially visible in the object browser; however, you can make a physical model visible by right-clicking Physical Models under the desired relational model, selecting Open, and then specifying the database type such as Oracle 11 g.

Flows describe the sequence of a data flow diagram. Data Modeler works with one open database design, consisting of one logical model, optionally one or more relational models based on the logical model, and optionally one or more physical models based on each relational model.

Controls whether the focus on an active diagram is automatically moved to reflect the selection of objects under that model in the object browser. Lets you specify storage options to be included in DDL for import and export operations. A cluster is a schema object that contains data from one or more tables. Controls whether the supertype or referenced attribute must be used in unique identifier foreign key naming.

Resize Objects to Visible: Include Schema in DDL: Lets you import models from a variety of sources. Creates a separate display pane of the view or subview.

The subsets are referred to as entity subtypes, with the original entity type being the supertype. In the object browser, if you right-click the logical model or a relational model, the context menu generally includes the following: In the Entity Properties dialog box, click Attributes.

The preferences oracls grouped in the following categories: Double-click the entity's icon in the Logical diagram or right-click the entity name in the object browser and select Properties.

Import DDL code that reflects an existing database implementation. You may want to select neighbors before creating a subview from the selection. For Available Reportsselect one of the types of objects for which to report information: Manually in Data Modeler By forward engineering from the logical model or a subview of the logical model By importing models from a VAR file, such as those created by at least these versions of the following products: Type substitution on the entity level take place only if the following are defined: You can customize many aspects of the Data Modeler environment and interface by modifying user preferences according to your personal wishes and needs.


Useful for finding objects in large, complex diagrams. Selects objects that are related to the selected object or objects. The Navigator appears by default in the right side of the window. Table to View Wizard: However, you can remove entities and views modeleer a subview without deleting them from the complete logical model.

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