Drake no more thank yous

He's been in the Media industry for a while now, and I suspect either he or his manager has anticipated this outcome. As the music beats the equalizer t-shirts lights up to the beats of music. Fuck some race shit.

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But I give him props he a cool dude his shit is legit! Id rather be a hata than a fake ass nigga.

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Nigga look like he just got done dropping his boyfriend off at work. I gotta agree wit u on dat cuz im slick still drale da B. You just straight up an example of how dumb mankind can be.

Although it's not a blatant transverse into proper lyricism only K-Os can pull that shit offhe's still incorporating word play and meaningful lyrics in some of his songs. Obviously you can't compare Drake to underground rappers, because he's not underground.

Drake - No More Thank Yous Mixtape

This is another big ol fag, fuck this clown ass bitch. Fuck some race shit. Thnak i bet u aint got no black friend cuz u n silly comments like dat will have u on yo ass! He's been in the Media industry for a while now, and I suspect either he or his manager has anticipated this rdake. Yall niggas dont like it dont download it dumb asses this shit is free anyways.

And let me ask you what is a fuck nigga homeboy?

If your favorite rapper does those things and has a lisp. Somebody need to knock this clown out the game. Dont every hater on this page thanj somthing better to do then sit and talk shit about niggas puttin out musuc and makin money.

Why they still takin people in the Navy, all they do is draek on the boat look for Somalia pirates, Marines do the gangsta shit and the one people are most scared to join, and Mexicans make good Marines cause yall got pratice sneaking across borders with 1 bottle of water and a beef jerky.

But black folks are ignorant.

Drake – No More Thank Yous Mixtape

If the owner of his record company likes kissing other men. You might be gay.

And What Makes It worse its on the internet, not so tough when you see a nikka with a Ar ready to kill your bitch ass,lol ahc wrote:. They all might be gay.

Sadd to say it. As an artist I'll give him 6.

No More Thank Yous Mixtape by Drake

Being Black doesnt make you cool, Nor does talking shit and not knowing what your geting your self into Holmes. All the products are free shipping, and the the price is competitive, and also can accept the paypal payment.

Lyrically he can't top Wale or J cole!! Yall thamk to stop bein salty ass hatahs! Man some of yall is funny as shyt on here but n-e-ways.

If your favorite rapper dresses like this dude on the cover. Btw being mexican is the shit Im glad im not black And Ignorant. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout. It's hard to say he's not somewhat talented, especially when compared to most mainstream artists, and it's pretty cool what he's doing for the mainstream culture.

U can jus b makin statements but u jus offended me n normally i jus read pass dis but i couldnt help it dis time HOMIE!!! Drake - No More Thank Yous. He might be gay.

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