Command and conquer zero hour maps

This is beautifully detailed 2-player Temp map from Dennis Agodzo. This map is based on Alpine Assault. This is an eye appealing and detailed 6-player Temperate Island map that was designed for team play.

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This map is larger then normal so slow play may happen with a slower computer. You are tasked with 2 objectives. There are 4 oil derricks, 2 oil refinery's, and 2 repair bays up for grabs.

This is a Greek themed 2-player Temperate map. This is a well designed 2-player map that was modeled after cojmand Renegade map with the same name. That way the players have more space 2 move. This is a 4-player Desert map by LoSeR.

Some features conqued this map include: A 8-Player Skirmish map.

Your tasked with taking out these Scuds before the GLA can carry out their plans. A large river runs through the map northwest to southeast, and divides the players.

Both maps have plenty of resources, tech goodies available for capture, and adequate room to build and expand. This is a 6 player map played either singular or 3x3.

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A 5 player wnd map divided by a river and mountains. You tasked with protecting the US base and the atomic weapon until the development is comp. A large size map with a city to the bottom right tec buildings on both sides and an island in the middle with tec buildings and good defence. Adequate room to build.

Remember to build a GLA command center to get cash. A tank war warz. Temptation is an 6 player map with alot of resources. Just need mission map pack please. Doing so will kill most of the population. Your main objective will be to recapture the Chinese base from the GLA.

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In the middle of the map is a restricted area This is beautifully detailed 2-player Temp map from Dennis Agodzo.

Features a lush tropical setting and lots of water.

Plenty of money scattered about. Made to look like the worlds most famous beach, Daytona Beach, FL. This 4 player map from Redlack was made to duplicate the first battle of the Vietnam War. Features a realistic river running through the cold landscape. Make sure cookies for this site are not blocked by your browser or a firewall.

What happens to Generals 2?

It features mountainous terrain, a river with several bridges providing access, and buildings and tech goodies throughout the map.

A large Urban city in conqued center, train runs the map stopping at a depot every so often.

This map has Ai and that means you can play it single player and online. This is a 2-player highly detailed Temperate map featuring several German towns and villages. It's basically a 'no frills' money map designed for team play. This is an eye appealing 4-player Temperate map by CyberNation that features a river flowing through a mqps and mountainous countryside.

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