Garmin gns 430 simulator

Exercise 6 shows how to use and edit flight plans that are saved in the flight plan catalog for later re-use. Turn large right knob to select WPT menu. The actual default NAV page is about the most useless page of all, showing basically the same information visible on the external HSI or CDI display, so you need to turn the small right knob one notch to the right to get to the NAV MAP page, the most useful page of all.

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Use the heading bug on the external HSI to set the heading, then click [HDG] on the simulator panel, or activate a waypoint and click [NAV] to navigate to it by autopilot. To pause, just set speed to zero.


Turn small right knob to select "Activate? When activated, a copy of the flight plan becomes the active flight plan, which can be modified without change to the flight plan stored in the catalog.

This can be done either directly through a WPT page, or by selecting the airport through the NRST menu, or by activating the airport in your active flight plan page.

Exercise 4 shows how to set a course line to a waypoint. Turn large right knob to select "Create User Wpt? Turn large right knob to select "ILS 05 The other major adjustment is whether the map shows "North Up" north at the top or "Track Up" direction of flight at the top. Loading instrument approaches If you are on an active flight plan to a destination airport, at any time you can press [PROC] and select from the available instrument approaches to the destination.

These data fields gsrmin be removed to make more space for the map my preference. Note how desired track leaves room for you to turn. Then, set heading bug at right angles to desired track, and press [HDG] on the simulator panel to fly some distance off desired track. Turn the large right knob to scroll through items on the page. The active DTK automatically switches to the next one in sequence as you pass each waypoint in turn.

But you don't have to use the waypoints in that sequence, you can use the active flight plan like a temporary scratch pad to store waypoints you plan to use, and proceed direct to any waypoint in the list at any time.

The flight simulatr catalog is for storing flight plans for re-use, or to survive shut-down and restart, so you can load them in advance before flight. Turn large right knob to select "Ground Turn large right knob to select "ATIS GPS augmented by ground-based correction. You can always use the [OBS] key to set your desired track to any waypoint in this manner, as you would tune a VOR radial.

Bump small right knob to de-activate panning cursor.

You have to learn how to use the radios in order to fly with the device and you should garnin how to operate the map Exercises to get any benefit from the GPS mapping function. Setting Map Options Test 3 Exercise 4. Set simulator airspeed to knots or whatever to simultaor the plane moving. Note "-1", "-2", "-3" that appears to the right of 4300 map scale to denote de-clutter level.

Exercise 10 shows how to load and fly instrument approaches. The simulator does not simulate the turning or bumping of the volume knobs, nor the audio sounds, so just pretend you are hearing the audio and adjusting the volumes. I have designed the following exercises to demonstrate the essential functions of the GNS with actual examples from our local flying area KBVY near Boston MA that are presented with step-by-step directions.

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In the exercises the buttons harmin knobs the GNS will be referred to as shown below. This shows the approximate vertical scale of the map in nm. Leg to KMHT not there!

User-defined waypoints can be defined anywhere. Note map scale in lower left corner of map.

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There are two map options that are easy to set, that make a big difference to your GNS experience that can be annoying if the previous user left them in a state you don't prefer. If you activate an approach, it becomes the active flight plan, replacing the current active flight plan.

If you stop right here, you will have a very good practical knowledge of the most useful features of the unit.

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