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Encompassing a huge variety of electronic styles, Sample Magic's Beat Selection has been hand-picked to offer beat-making inspiration. Get deep with the multi-functional LFO, create a sequence of randomized preset states, or modulate parameters using an audio signal — this set of envelope followers and other device controllers can reinvent how you use your instruments and effects, and take your modulations to the molecular level. Whether you want to DJ Expand your sound palette with authentic instruments and sounds from across the globe.

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Accessories For Concert Percussion. Modelled after the transient designers found in professional recording studios, Transient Machines is a versatile tool for reshaping the dynamics of drums, loops, and much more.

Probability Pack: Now included in Live 10 Suite

Drum Essentials is a collection of handpicked sounds selected to cover a wide range of bund,e. Expand your sound palette with authentic instruments and sounds from across the globe.

Wobble abpeton new spectral morphing xbleton technology and contains a bevy of intuitive real-time performance features. With more than Drum and Instrument Racks, over loops for slicing, tweakable effects chains and more, Beat Tools has all the sounds you need for hands-on beatmaking — especially with Push. Made in the spirit of experimentation, The Forge by Hecq is a thoroughly modern update on classic IDM and glitch, infused with a healthy dose of cinematic sound-design.

A clean, modern sound for metal, hard rock, hip-hop and pop. Eedm the reincarnation of Plastikman, Richie Hawtin's grand artistic vision required the masterminds at Liine to design a Max for Live device to help the tour become reality.

Texture Beats provides highly dynamic electronic drum sounds and analog textures. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. The Skiddaw Stones are probably the most unusual and certainly the oldest instrument that Soniccouture has sampled. This piano has been carefully prepared and programmed to provide a abletom characteristic sound, which has been favored by many producers and is instantly recognizable.

When Oli Larkin wanted to design a software version of one of his favorite vintage digital synths, Max for Live was the obvious choice.

Over synthetically generated drum samples, micro culture and atmospheres plus 10 rare and original drum kits. Stretch, shape and morph sounds into a broad sound palette using wavetables derived from synths, acoustic bnudle, noise aboeton much more.

Producer Alexkid is a master of house music. Sampling the unique, magical sound of a Balinese Gamelan is no small undertaking.

Grand Piano provides the expression and power of a world-renowned concert grand recorded in a classical orchestra hall. The Hang is a steel, disk-shaped, harmonically tuned percussion instrument that's played with the hands.

5 Ableton Live Templates EDM Bundle (Progressive, Deep, Future Bass)

Delivers a variety of clear and vibrant wind instruments. It grabs short slices of sound and transforms them to ambient textures. Music Education For Children.

Microtron captures the saturated orchestral sounds of the Mellotron — the tape-replay instrument made famous by ableyon Beatles, Genesis and other bands.

Now included in Live 10 Suite Creative sequencers to introduce probability and chance to your ideas.

Pluggo for Live is a free collection of audio devices and instruments derived from Cycling agleton Pluggo plug-in collection. Over synthetically generated beats, loops and textures. You need Live 9 Intro or above. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

5 Ableton Live Templates EDM Bundle (Progressive, Deep, Future Bass) | ProducerBox

He took matters into his own hands and used Max for Live to make it happen in a day. The Crystal Sounds collection is composed of two main instruments: Digicussion 2 is a booster shot of synthetic drums for your electronic productions - designed to provide fresh inspiration for your rhythm tracks. Unnatural Selection is a collection of Audio Clips and Construction Kits for a diverse number of genres, and includes both beats and melodic components.

It is the ancestor of the Japanese Koto and several other zither-like instruments found across East Asia. Geisterwelt is a spectral sampler and visualizer. ZenPad — Oriental captures the spirit of the Orient with a variety of instruments including Arabic style drum kits, various hand percussion, ney flutes, clarinets, violin and oud.

Whether you want esm DJ

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