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Handles groups of tasks - also available as a QgsApplication member for tracking application wide tasks Add simple python method QgsTask. The following tasks were done as part of this work: New features Multi-thread rendering like in the desktop A new option to trust layer metadata and thus speed up project loading Suport pentru WFS 1. See the crowd funding programme for more details. Raster unique values count for processing Processing Feature:

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In addition there are camera controls specific to 3D views: Much nicer for full screen working with compositions on multi-monitor setups. The existing way dustanta adding vertices by double-clicking segments has been kept.

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This avoids the heavy requirement of creating all composer windows and widgets for every single composer item when loading projects. Network analysis algorithms Feature: Item frame and background colors Data defined svg colors and outline width for composer picture items Especially useful when the picture is showing a north arrow!

This database file with extension.

Contgol Generale env name: Having a single unified algorithm allows more flexible models where a field type may not be known in advance. We are seeking further funding to implement a more complete implementation for the metadata system - see this document for details of future planned work packages that need funding.

Plugins can provide a custom help in Expression window Programmability Feature: Data dependencies between layers Feature: Fiecare UUID are o lungime de 38 caractere. Returns internal map layer ids. Cancelling a task on which others depend leads to all these other tasks getting cancelled as well.

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If user enabled locale override in QGIS settings overriden locale will be returned. QgsPointDisplacementRenderer has been split into a new pure virtual QgsPointDistanceRenderer base class which handles the detection of clusters and grouping of points.

Model child algorithm inputs are now filtered to only those which generate applicable geometry types for the input to another child algorithm. Be warnedlabels are only saved along with your project file in a. Lots of code cleanups and removal More info at https: Show an alpha slider ckntrol color button drop down menu Feature: A new algorithm was added to processing which returns the count and area of each unique value within a given raster layer.

New group listing all available table relations in a project. This also means that after certain editing operations e.

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More non-blocking, inline editing Feature: Add simple python method QgsTask. In addition to exporting processing models as bitmap images, it is now possible to export processing models as resolution-independent PDFs and SVGs.

The involved parties decided to get engaged in a code sprint in the city conntrol Lyon, France dedicated to sharing their vision, planning the work and finally making all the following happen:.

Create attribute index algorithm Feature: One of them uses disyanta table in PostgreSQL, allowing to specify the widget type and configuration to use for each field.

New symbol renderer that groups nearby points into a single rendered marker symbol. Eg you can extract the first or last node in the geometry.

Open layers in a single group Caracteristici 3D Feature: Auxiliary data is stored in a sqlite database and managed thanks to the OGR data provider instead of the spatialite provider to keep as small as possible the database file. Introduces a framework for creating background tasks, ditsanta are interacted with through a centralised manager.

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