Bullguard internet security 2013

The spam configuration wizard did ask me to supply a folder full of valid mail and another folder full of spam for training purposes. Its main window focuses on three big buttons that let you check security status, launch scans, and launch backups. Launched in , BullGuard is one of the fastest growing internet and mobile security brands. Who's online This forum has 38, registered members. The only way to get a cheap and cheerful examination of selected files is to select them in a Windows File Manager screen, right click and select BullGuard scan.

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Fewer than one in three recent products have managed to outperform Internet Explorer's Smart Screen Filter in this test.

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It includes parental control, online back-up and PC tune-up in its app set, as well as the traditional core elements. Any time a full-screen application is running, the suite suppresses popup notifications and postpones scans and other background tasks. This means that the first scan takes longer than usual, as all files are thoroughly scanned.

Eventually I did see it block a secure Twitter page. I tested this one bullghard and verified that you can't fool the system by moving or renaming the blocked program. Who's online This forum has 38, registered members. There's also an option to block access to any parent-specified program.

BullGuard Internet Security 2013

Besides content filtering and Internet time scheduling, it can schedule overall computer use, block IM communication, and prevent use of specific programs. A simple three word network command disables it, for example. Other systems required hours of remote-control diagnosis and repair by support agents. Secondly, BullGuard IS looked atfiles, 59 per cent more than Kaspersky and a lot more than other packages.

But the spam filter erroneously threw out nearly 16 percent of valid personal mail and 28 percent of newsletters and other valid bulk mail. Many parents give the kids Administrator privilege just to avoid the hassle of stepping in for every game installation. Parental control easily evaded, even by a child with a Limited account.

Without the scan, the copy took 1min 2103 and with it running, the time went up to 1min 40s.

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You should be able to continue work quite effectively with a scan running in the background. However, BullGuard blocked access between the two virtual machines, making this test impossible. The program includes 5GB of free online storage which can be used to safeguard valuable files, and there is also a Parental Control feature. Any status items that require an action on your part come interndt a button to trigger that action.

With your backup files chosen, the next step is to choose a backup location. Given that it also reported all of my in-house testing tools as suspicious I can't give it a lot of credit for that.

Of more use is the Dashboard screen, which has buttons to access all the main modules, including Parental Control. A handy wizard walks you through the steps of configuring a backup job.

Its main window focuses on three big buttons that let you check security status, launch scans, and launch backups. For example, you can skip backing up files over a certain size, or files that haven't changed in a long time.

Even for a child who has a Limited account, the parental control system has some serious holes. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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I thought at first that it doesn't block secure HTTPS sites, because I had no trouble finding secure pages displaying unclad young ladies and bared breasts. The suite is also now compatible with Windows 8. Those kids will easily wipe out BullGuard's parental control. Firstly, it took one hour three minutes to complete, which is a long time compared with most of the IS suites we've examined, though less than half the time of Kaspersky IS This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

Contact our Support team directly via Live Chat for immediate assistance: BullGuard Internet Security is available to download today from www.

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