Capture plan template

It is important that there be a standard capture plan template used to ensure consistency across the many opportunities in the pipeline at any time. And a better proposal means a better chance to win. Lessons Learned From Government Service: Intelligence gathering is critical to developing and maintaining a good capture plan.

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The Formula for Successful Integration. Contact him at Paul.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Government Contracts by John C. Lauderdale

Targeted Solutions for Growth. Contact him at Len. Irrespective of the stage of refinement, the key elements of a capture plan comprise the following:. Those work products depend on information contained in the capture plan, including:. The Art of Presenting.

A Templzte plan is a plan to win. She is an expert in visual thinking and production management. Within each phase of the business development process Capture, Proposal Planning, Proposal Development, and Post-Submittalthere are decisions and work products that depend on the information contained in the capture plan.

What is in a Capture Plan?

Is Octant right for me? Any information that you feel needs to be highlighted verbatim for the benefit of the proposal team. It will be the basis for every management briefing you give and every decision gate, right up to contract award. Intelligence gathering is critical to developing and maintaining a good capture plan. What does it mean for capture, proposal and task order management?

Don't take no for an answer. So, how do you develop a ppan capture plan? Your company has just identified a future program that it wants to win, and you have been temppate Capture Manager.

There will be elements of the capture plan that may be unknown at the time of first drafting this. This includes information about the customer, opportunity, market, competition, requirements, solution alternatives, your business case, and lessons learned. Your first step, and one of your most important responsibilities as capture manager, is to develop your capture plan.

Contact him at Joe. A good capture plan answers three questions. Contact her at Kim.

Getting your BD team to pull their weight in the proposal process is key to allowing you to write more proposals better and faster. A critical and eventual time-saving step to your process is to make sure your capture manager creates a complete and detailed capture plan. Before you start writing a proposal, be sure to insist on having your business development team prepare a capture plan.

Rate This Article 0. For a free XPRT consultation to assess what your business needs to bid captire win US government and commercial contracts, for help with your capture plan, or for more information, contact XPRT at Since your capture plan is proprietary and competition sensitive, it must be safeguarded.

The answers templte these questions should be developed concurrently and updated continually. You can tailor the plan seek and document more or less information, and spend more or less time according to the expected contract value, the overall acquisition timeline, and the importance of the program to your company.

Nancy Naumer, APMP, is a conceptual tsmplate, graphic designer, desktop publisher, and oral presentation developer.

Len Martinez, XPRT co-founder, has more than 40 years of experience in strategy development, business development, and capture; contract negotiations and contract start-up; and financial management, for tempalte and Federal government customers.

Those work products depend on information contained in the capture plan, including: Secrets of Successful Color Team Reviews. Synopsis of the opportunity including key requirements and proposal deliverables e.

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