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There was always an issue with copying an address from a document into the address field. Answered over 6 years ago. Suggested Answer over 4 years ago. I have been able to successfully use this app. The only issue I have encountered is losing a project when going back and forth between windows too often or if the project has sat idle and times out, I had to start over again.

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Otherwise, you may be faced with unusable printouts or no printouts at all. Threads in this forum. This could in principle be done by a macro -- assuming that you have the full retail version of CorelDraw because some of the special versions such as Home and Student do not include the VBA licence which is needed to run macros. I always ended up typing in addresses manually.

If you want, you can design your digital printing project in say Photoshop, save it as JPEG file and import it as an image file into DesignPro. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. What do you want to do with the serial number? Thank you for fixing that one problem today.

To avoid wasting label stock, verify the output media size setting before you send data to the printer, or test your ppro on plain paper first. In the past I have always used the PC online version. I would really give 6 stars but lately troubles with after designing, it will disappear if you don't save it when you click print. The software prompts you to calibrate your hardware the first time you launch the application.

I attached a picture of what one of my engraving files currently look like, and the serial number does appear as part of the design. Information Seller Avery Products Corporation. To save money on digital printing costs, I use Avery media resources for doing small or short run print jobs, such as business cards, name badges, CD labels, and binder materials.

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Suggested Answer over 4 years ago. Software Frequently Asked Questions Avery: As such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents.

I use the Home and Student version, and did not have Before you start setting up and printing labels with Avery DesignPro, calibrate your printer.

Accessed 26 October Avery issues periodic updates to keep DesignPro up to date with new operating system versions and to fix bugs in the application. If you choose the wrong label stock for the template you're using or the wrong template for the label product, your templahes won't line up properly with templatess labels themselves.

Macros will run desjgn in an unexpired trial version. Does anybody know how probable it is to get this program to do that for me, or if there is another program that can do something similar?

Does it appear in the design, or is it just used to save the file? Definitely, definitely recommend it!

I need a replacement for Avery Design Pro 5/5.5

I just didn't want to save something I'm only using 1 time. My engraving is very basic, its 2 rows of arched text with 1 row of linear text the serial number at the bottom to make kind of a circle.

I think you will probably find an existing macro on one of the above sites, but it would not be difficult to create if you cannot find one there. Now my soap products have labels. Skip to main content. Avery DesignPro User Guide. I may try getting a hold of the two guys in charge of the macros and see templatds they know of anything off hand.

For a FREE program, tfmplates pretty amazing the features and functionality Avery incorporated into this app. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since

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