Cradle of filth nymphetamine

But be warned that's not the worst part. But the biggest sin of this is, sadly, the lyrics; for me, one of the redeeming values of a CoF album has always been Dani's defloration of the English language, but this time around it seems his skills are watered-down, either by a lack of inspiration of an attempt to not talk over his listeners. Charming, did you think you were pure? Although, since when was audible bass guitar associated with this genre in the first place?

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In truth, a continuation to Midian 's "Cthulhu Dawn". Tempos here varied and for the most part they were quite mild. For a start, that song is beautiful though I prefer the shortened version at the end of the CD. The title is a portmanteau of " nymphette " and " amphetamine ", [1] and Dani Filth explained it as referring to "a drug-like addiction to the nmphetamine in question, with her crzdle vampire qualities literally bringing her lover back from the brink of the spiritual grave, only to bury him further on the strength of a whim.

Some moments on the album seem more remotely "bouncy" than what one would expect. Nympyetamine only person bringing the band down is Dani himself, but Cradle of Filth can't kick him out since he is the main founder of the band. The theme of an evil female figure was always a part of Dani's lyrics but here, here it just goes way over the top.

We sat down with mastermind Dani Filth to get the story behind the song that took Cradle to the next level. OrbitballAugust 5th, Written based on this version: Moving on to the actual music presented on this disc. Filth writes, all that glitters was not gold.

LeftHandOvGodMay 23rd, This aspect of the band's sound would come full swing on Thornography. Of the rest of the tracks on the album, only three really maintain quality after repeated listens. The way the keyboard and the other instruments compliment each other is actually impressive.

It's still well played, yes, and well crafted in a very sterile, professional sense, but the songs, even the good ones, are terrible as artistic entities. It has all of the traditional elements of a Cradle record - Gothic laden drama, infectious melody, extremity, and quality musicianship.

General Comment I got this album today, it is pretty cool.

There isn't actually a lot of narration, because Dani realised - thank fuck - after the perpetual storytime of 'Damnation and a Day' that bedtime reading just wouldn't cut it nymphetajine a metal album. Our souls For it all lost our souls Our souls 6.

Not very good, but okay. I get a bit of flack for it, but at the end of the day, this album is surprisingly good at times. Despite the not so impressive lyrics on this particular track, Filth makes up for it with nympnetamine high pitched shrieks and glass shattering wails.

Retrieved from " https: If that weren't enough, the songs just go on and on, and at no point was I begging to hear more. Add your thoughts Comments. The album features guest appearances by ex- Theatre of Tragedy and Leaves' Eyes vocalist, Liv Kristineand Doug Bradleywho starred as the cenobite Pinhead in the Hellraiser series and also collaborated on Midian.

Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix Lyrics | SongMeanings

That always makes me chuckle. See more Metal Hammer features. It's possible that he wrote the drum parts for this album by himself, because they're not terribly innovative or interesting.

English Fire, and Filthy Little Secret are both memorable tracks with catchy lines that get lost in your head and never quite find their way out. The precise moment when Cradle Of Filth fell off is probably right after 'Midian'. While early Cradle Of Filth albums were pretty melodramatic themselves, they never quite passed into the realm of cheesiness because the music was so genuine and the delivery was so effective.

It is really terrible, not "scary" or "evil" sounding at all, unless you think hearing a guy receiving nymphetajine nut-shots for 75mins is scary. The only excuse for the wetness of that song is that Dani thought it would be funny to print those soggy lyrics next to the picture in the rcadle of a nude woman with legs spread and see if anyone got the joke. If you compare the original Nymphetamine song and the fixed version you'll know everything you want to know about this album.

The song rolls into culmination with a really Slayer -esque finale.

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