Deadly boss mods

LFR wouldn't be possible without it. We push multiple alpha versions to Curse on an average day, these versions may contain important new features or bug fixes for the bleeding edge raid content I wouldn't have gotten into raiding, met friends, and had those unique "Warcraft memories" without this guy's help. Make the cast timer and cd timer for bursting boil two diff colors for clarity on mythic ghuun. It's not ideal, but you could always sub for a month or two at whatever you want to give him and then cancel after you're charged.

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Dalarian A Murloc Raider Forum posts: It never occurred to me that it was a one man operation, and now I feel obligated to contribute to improving this guys QOL.

Also, watch out for taxes. I emailed him and got a reply that the best one time donation is through PayPal.

Even a guild that only uses BigWigs should understand just how much DBM has done for the noss as a whole and help out the creator of either mod when all they want to do is make the game better. DBM has been a staple of the WoW community for many years. Man, if DBM is his fulltime job I think he needs to put that shit on a resume and get paid by someone who respects his time, dedication and skill.

During this time I was able to boxs more feature improvement than DBM had seen in the years prior. Thanks for all your hard work. Finished Vectis infoframe update and enabled it. I was just thinking about this today how fucking gross it is that Blizz just relies on wowhead and nobbell and bloodmallet to do so much fucking work.

Is a new PTR boss up? Grong updated from heroic raid testing Uldir: Fortunately, we have lots of support for her, but it really, really isn't hard to imagine, with just a few things going nods, me living with and caring for her.

Update on the future of Deadly Boss Mods by its author : wow

Seems like they owe him. I mean they haven't even been able to do a better auction house UI in And regarding the situation he is in, more money would help. And intentional obsfucation is not permitted by ToS.

If there is STILL money left over, I'm constantly looking for ways to give back and will play it forward in supporting others or doing give aways or something. Blizzard has also incorporated a lot of the functionality of these addons into the fights themselves for major mechanics.

My friend had one for a while, they're no joke. Yeah, just says he's done mythic raiding, not done making DBM.

DBM has been around for the vast, vast majority of WoW's existence. I really don't understand why Blizzard doesn't support the top addon developers. Between "interesting fights with boss mods" and "less interesting fights without boss mods" I would pick the first option every single time.

Energy levels let you know when casts are coming, voice lines let you know what's going on, the fight in general has a flow and pace to it. I may or may not be making a few calls tomorrow when I am back in the office to make sure of that.


We'll see how things turn out within the next few days, but I'll do my best to help in any way Mystical finds appropriate: Fixed bug where counter on Matrix warning for Ghuun in ANNOUNCE not info frame would be one off Fixed a regression edadly caused some chat yells movs start appearing in non mythic again on fetid for debuffs that don't spread.

These messages contain the name and health of the boss as well as the raid's status. The poor guy's life has suffered greatly so that others can continue having fun.

For those that dont know, blizz updated the forums several years ago. It has become an essential addon and Tool! That's withOUT the implant. Holy, I had no idea ONE veadly was doing all of that.

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