Best years of our lives

Clancy Cooper as Taxi Driver. While the film does a fairly good job of covering each man's story, it seemed like things could have been a bit more equally balanced in terms of amount of time devoted to each. Erskine Sanford as Bullard. He wouldn't act again until Inside Moves and Dogtown

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Best Years of Our Lives

Oh, I was in plenty of battles, but I never saw a Jap or heard a shell coming at me. Season 7 Black Lightning: Please fill out this field with valid email address. That scene, as he skillfully manages the wedding ring, is livex one of several memorable high spots. The war hero inquires at a receptionist's desk about flights to his hometown of Boone City [supposedly patterned after Cincinnati], and is told rather curtly: VarietyJanuary 6,p.

She knows what happened to ya, doesn't she? The editing could be a bit tighter, cutting down some of the run time. Wyler's daughters, Catherine and Judy, were cast as uncredited customers seen in the department store where Fred Derry works.

Best Years of Our Lives Production: Pat Flaherty as Construction Foreman. Parrish Walter Baldwin as Mr. Wikiquote has quotations related to: See Thomson, David The fictional Boone Beet was patterned after CincinnatiOhio.

Also, ike I mentioned above, a slightly better developed background connection for the characters.

That's all they're good for now. Fred agrees, but the friendship between the two men is strained. Some of 'em look brand new, factory to the scrap heap.

The Best Years of Our Lives () - IMDb

Wyler have achieved some of the most beautiful and inspiring demonstrations of human fortitude that we have had in films. Fred, once an unskilled drugstore soda jerkwants something better, but the tight postwar job market forces him to return to his old lies.

Ralph Sanford as Mr. April 18, Rating: Famed drummer Gene Krupa was seen in archival footage, while Tennessee Ernie Fordlater a famous television star, appeared as an uncredited "hillbilly singer" in the first of his only three film appearances.

It's as non-propagandistic as an unemployment line.

Casting brought together established stars as well as character actors and relative unknowns. Dana Andrews as Fred Derry.

It's also an extremely relevant and good story, too. Harold Russell; Brave actor whose artificial hands helped him win two Oscars.

The Best Years of Our Lives () - Rotten Tomatoes

Homer is reluctant about being dropped off first: Fred, now divorced, is Homer's best man. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Now - had their wartime heroics made any difference to the apathetic folks at home? The pace of the picture ilves a bit leisurely.

Harold Russell, Hoagy Carmichael.

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