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We don't have a specific BYOD policy as such but it really helps when you can try to support as many devices as possible. I call it the game changer for us. Bomgar is the most secure remote support solution on the market with two-factor authentication, advanced encryption, granular permissions, comprehensive audit trails, and more. One off remote session can be initiated from a web page. Our technical reps use it to assist all of our end users remotely.

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Mac, pc, IOS, android. We can remote to phones to support them better.

From Wikipedia, the free remmote. It is difficult at times for the user to download and run the Bomgar program through different web browsers. They are more than remote access and I see their role increasing sipport the tools too. We have also used jump points to help us connect directly to computers for remote upgrades and updates.

Recently we received several calls that our remote touchscreen computers wouldn't log in. Bomgar is great for medium to large organizations who want a reliable tool that can be mass deployed to all endpoints by their IT staff easily and efficiently.

Supported Platforms for Remote Support

No, we can't clone you. Use Cases and Deployment Scope. Our budget is limited and our personnel resources are stretched thin just like most IT support groups. The ServiceNow integration has been tested and will be rolled out in our organization later this year.

We also have a division that uses it for training purposes. Now we chat with our end remotw and sometimes, fix issues without having to even make a connection to their machine. Allows for easy management of hundreds of computers in a single app. I would say the thing I like the thing I like the least about this software is the price Using Bomgar when a system is infected with malware is challenging.

Allows analysts to fully access a user's PC or Mac to assist with software issues. For everything else Bomgar is well suited, even mobile devices. One secure solution for all your remote support needs. Learn More Watch Video. InSight Remote Camera Sharing.

You have many options when it comes to remote support from the Bomgar button on the end user side to manual entry of that machine's ID or IP address. But with Bomgar, you can start saying "Yes! We use Bomgar for IT support for our organization. We used Bomgar 2 years ago to provide secure remote support to end users.

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If features are your thing, Bomgar has that and then some. Bomgar can be used for the small office and scaled up to support very large organizations as well. Bomgar enables us to remote to them, and help support rremote, even if we don't know what we're doing. Teamwork Retail embedded Bomgar Remote Support into their POS applications so their support reps can see the app screen in real-time when supporting customers.

I honestly can't think of anything, as they do a good job of updating as they see fit. And all of these systems and devices are spread all over the world, both on and off your network. Bomgar Remote Support Software works for our group size but could be scaled up very easily to support an reemote larger user base. As an example, we can remotely check various resources of a PC when a request comes in for demanding software such as molecular modeling software to ensure the PC in question is of sufficient specification.

We use Bomgar Remote Support to provide our techs remote access to the computer systems we support for our customers.

Secure Remote Access for Privileged Users

Bomgar has a very robust feature set, and is suited for a large scale enterprise-wide deployment. On top of that, employees and customers are bringing in their own personal devices. If not, our APIs and professional services make it easy to integrate.

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