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Requesting or offering pirated software in general will not be tolerated. Electrosphere is the third installment in the Ace Combat series of games. Want to add to the discussion? English voice acting was planned and started recording in the early stages, but Namco cut the funding for the translation efforts.

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I just got it working by doing what you said. Electrosphere is the third installment in the Ace Combat series of games. While the international version still received critical acclaim for its gameplay ido graphics, the decision to remove most of the plot was heavily criticized by Western critics and gamers, since Namco initially advertised that the Western release would featured all the content seen in Japanese version. It's free, easy and feels damn good!

Log in or sign up in seconds. These corporations, like the governments they control, have disputes often, and eventually a war is sparked.

Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere USA

Anybody able to help me? Submit a new text post. Yes I typed it wrong. Games Cloud play Sled Storm.

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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (USA) PSX ISO | Cdromance

A major departure from every other game in the series, it featured a futuristic storyline involving a war between a group of multinational corporations, General Resource and Neuwork Neucom. So you what you see? Action Simulation Flight Simulator Rating: Don't be a dick. I've run Ace Combat 3: Automoderator cought it as spam, but it seems like a valid issue and question and I hope someone can help you here.

We do not allow or promote piracy on the subreddit. The Japanese version of Ace Combat 3 released in featured a lengthy 2-disc campaign of 52 missions that were split among different paths depending on in-mission decisions, along with multiple endings and multiple factions for the player to join.

For starters, share this page with your friends. The link flairs available are pretty self-explanatory but to avoid confusion: The third installment in the Ace Combat series of console flight simulation games, Electrosphere takes the contemporary setting of the first two games into a story set in the midst century, involving a war between multinational corporations.

One thing, I assume you are using ePSXe and just mistyped the name of the emulator? SheepRaider rates this game: During a period of financial chaos, the many governments of the world have evolved into mytocracies. The international version of Ace Combat 3 was released in Browse All Retrogaming Network multireddit.

The game is notable for having two radically different releases for the Japanese and Western markets. I've run into various issues with the default simulated BIOS.

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