Fantom g sounds

But the good thing is we know more about this product I only used for scratch and demo purposes. G sounded like crap, GT sounded like heaven. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Wow - finally Poly aftertouch on a Roland board, I want the G8! I'd agree the PC3 soinds is a good choice, too The consensus on the first three is meh, esp.

The "interesting" sounds were not interesting. Yes, almost all the native X patches are there Login or Sign Up.

But the good thing is we know more about this product The piano sounds were horrible, as were sounda the organ sounds. Im looking into Fantom XR.

I actually started dropping vocals on a click track and sending the singer home; really great for programming music behind a vocal track. Fantom G or Fantom X.

I should have upgraded, but somehow I think Roland went too far trying to make Fantom-G different from competitors and Fan-X per-part MFX and ARX; dumping SRX for ultimately a step back in soundset; huge non-touchscreen that seems a bit of a waste when you look at what it's actually used for I love my X7; use it every day Does anyone know if they kept the same sounds as the ones in the x series???

PC3K a step in a better direction I live a life of fearless self invention If you want to see God laugh, don't make any plans Good is the Enemy of Great.

But I humbly suggest your minutes comparing Fan-G to the very sexy, powerful and immediately gratifying V-Synth GT might not have been enough to plumb the sonic depths of Fantom G With hope, Kurz is just using this look to save money now and link the brand to the past, and not because they think it's some "classic and forever" look My bad - read the MIDI imp chart and got over excited!

Fantom G Manual and sound list

Click here to login. Originally Posted by producerjr. Still I wouldnt recommend it in any case. Somehow that just doesn't seem to be what people want, though, and also a bit of a cop out out The nearest one h an hour away.

Of course, Yamaha is going to call MO6 a "workstation.

Fantom G Manual and sound list | Harmony Central

It was an actual useful and fun to use performance tool. I only wish it were minutes New Reply Thread Tools.

It was just a quick read-through I think a more robust Fan-X featureset with smaller screen and bigger ROM with more chainable insert effects would have been more successful Fantom-G is by no means a bad workstation Do you think K-series successor will work like this K files from the K, K and K keyboards.

Doesn't mean it's "so. Originally Posted by kilon. Also, "basic editing" as stated in press literature does not equal "full-blown sampler" as you put it

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