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You'll have better luck in specific game subs with that. Thankfully though, there's an Auto setting so your characters can play by themselves, but it's still an ungodly boring slog to watch them Follow the Blog and Receive all news in your mailbox!

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Check out Legend of Cao Cao.

Is there a Fire Emblem-style game for PC? : pcgaming

Generations of War series, which can be found on Steam. And the Long War mod, which while making the game much harder also adds a fuckton of content, and completely overhauls the entire game. I know shogun is one are there anyothers with a good story thanks. E,blem games similar to Fire Emblem?

I used cheatengine to make characters with ridiculous HP counts px just let it run on auto. On this topic, is there a 3DS emulator out yet?

If you want turn based tactical games with level ups and such bolded ones with perma deaths my favorite feature in FE Modern: If you don't mind running emulation, check out the Langrisser series, they are extremely similar in gameplay style to Fire Emblem. JustSomeone Member Feb 9, I've only played a bit of it, but Valkyria Chronicles seems ppc check all the boxes.

The Smash characters embelm be deemed Legendary Heroes or such by the events of this story and perhaps have aged. The art style demonstration video in this article will definitely impress a FE fan.

Battle for Wesnoth is fantastic. After about a month, I've collected the poll results and have a decent base scheme for the overall system. But they are very old, not sure if they can easily run on today's OSs. If you want turn based tactical games with level ups and such bolded ones with perma deaths my favorite feature in FE.

Finally, the original creator of Fire Emblem actually released his own indie project last September, though it isn't available in English. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Please enter an answer in digits: Please see our full rules on piracy here.

Any games on pc like fire emblem??

Other Spam Domain Blacklist embleem this site legit? I'll post more information around then. In order to set up a strong combination of characters, you can study the tasks ahead or find out the attacks that your opponents are planning to unleash. Posted October 14, Because I love Sacred Stones. Everything is destructible which opens up a lot of interesting tactics. Xcom, Jagged Alliance Fantasy: I do love kings bounty and those because they added more than just combat, but the fire emblem combat is quite a bit above it still.

I've heard good things about Banner Saga, but have yet to play that. I have to smblem fire emblem was quite wonderful and i do not think you will be finding a emble game up to its caliber imo. Very much worth it.

Knight of Lodis, over in Tactics Ogre: The RPG aspects are a bit lighter, but the tactics part is downright amazing. BigDes Member Feb 9, It's not the story heavy you'd expect from a jrpg though it does have some story elements to it.

Top down, board style, turn based rpg.

It's a hard line to break the game to make it playable without breaking it bad enough to make it pointless:

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