Dj khaled im so hood

Make It Rain Remix. You fools fugazi, my fools from Haiti I moves 'em daily — it's a movie, baby! I'm So Hood Lyrics [Intro: I ain't spoke to you yet dawg, cause I ain't friendly I drink 'gnac homey, y'all drink Crist' I like bust-it babies, I ont want that bougie bitch I never buy a Phantom, 28's can't fit They say I'm Fed bound, they call me high risk I'mma full bloodied goon, lames make me sick You gettin three or fo' birds where I'm from we call you rich I'd like to the the hood homey, you taught how to rip [Hook:

Behringer guitar link

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David archuleta christmas from the heart

What I was most impressed with is that the arrangements, manage to hit that sweet spot where the passion and power compliment the reverance and spirituality. Melodies of Christmas David Archuleta. Magic of Christmas Marie Osmond. Apart from one song sung in Spanish and "Ava Maria," in Latin, there are no surprises here either in song selection or execution, but Archuleta is comfortable in such a familiar setting, singing in a friendly, eager-to-please fashion that will win him no new fans but will surely please all the old ones, especially those who loved him on American Idol and wondered why there were so many drum loops on his debut.