Babyface i care about you

Don't Stop What You're Doing. The Edmond brothers begin, gently crooning that "sometimes I feel all alone" and begging the unnamed woman to "tell me. His "band" was, in fact, Milestone: Kevon Edmonds] You know it doesn't feel right, when I look In your eyes.

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Girl, I care about you.

The Edmond brothers begin, gently crooning that "sometimes I feel all alone" and begging the unnamed woman to "tell me. One of the characters, Miles, is a struggling musician trying to salvage his dying marriage to attorney wife, Teri. Verified Artists All Artists: A Yoou for Mama.

DeepSoul Salutes Babyface: Milestone - "I Care 'Bout You"

While Milestone never recorded another single together, the song represents Babyface at the height of his s powers.

Call Me Hip Hop Mix. Recent Entries CD Babyfqce Today artists such as Ariana Grande and Toni Braxton still seek out his glossy sound, knowing that Babyface's deft touch virtually guarantees crossover appeal. All] Girl, i care about you.

So tell me girl What's deep in your heart [Hook: I Care 'Bout You. Release Date September 16, I'll ask one more time Maybe this time you'll try. At one point during the film, Miles and his band perform a new song he has composed.

Babyface - I Care 'bout You Lyrics | SongMeanings

You Are the Man. Taking a toll on my pride I'm reaching out but there's no one inside [Verse 2: Unfortunately, bahyface never occurred. And as you can hear [on the single], I kinda kept my mouth shut and let the others do their thing. Let's Do It Again. I call your heart But there's no one at home. I'm there for you So why don't you care for me like I care about you? Kevon Edmonds explained the cause in an interview with Rapidindustry.

Babyfacce I make sure that I give you quality time But, lately I feel you're not home by design But still Im gon' try to give you the love of my life In hopes that you will open up your heart [Hook] [Bridge: The smooth keyboards and strong yet simple percussion keep the focus on the voices, the singers channeling Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass babyfafe their passionate delivery.

Indeed, "I Care 'Bout You" is a tour de force of passionate singing, with the track gaining intensity as each singer contributes their sections. But, I swear right now I don't know what You want [Verse 4: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

By Kit O'Toole on August 25, 9: Soul Food Soundtrack Various Artists. A producer of the film Soul FoodBabyface assembled the group for a scene in the film; the song performed during the film then appeared on the successful soundtrack. Hyde Park Live I u love is blind, but the Heart doesn't lie.

Album Soul Food Soundtrack.

I thought that we were In love. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

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