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Five Nights at Freddy's. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. It was the first of the "Powerslide" series and the only one released so far, Powerslide became known for its realistic physics and ground-breaking graphics. Don't leave without your download! The PC version of FlatOut is the clear-cut graphical winner, especially if you have a higher-end PC, as the graphics are almost astonishingly sharp when turned to a higher resolution.

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The car engines sound powerful, the music is pumping, and seeing your rival drivers fly out through their windscreen is oodles of fun. There are a fair number of tracks and cars to choose from, and visually the game is very satisfying and pretty.

The bonus races are effectively a collection of straight-up destruction derbies, races on tracks that seem specifically geared toward maximum destruction for example, a figure-eight courseand a bunch of flaatout that make specific use of FlatOut's biggest gimmick: FlatOut was selected in for a collection of classical Finnish games, which were presented on the opening of the Finnish Museum of Games in Vlatout.

Burnout Paradise turns the Burnout series on its head by moving from closed set tracks to an open world full of events to experience both alone and in a group online. This article is about the video game. FlatOut is destruction racing to the very core, throwing aside eacing superfluous story elements or anything similarly goofy for the sake of just making a raacing arcade racer.

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This acts as a sort of pseudo punishment in normal races when you wreck too hard as it takes a few extra seconds to let your car reset back on trackbut in the minigames, you're presented with either a gigantic dart board, a high-jump meter, a set of bowling pins, or something along those lines, and a track yame which to drive your car up.

With that said, the minigames do have a limited life span of entertainment, as once you've broken all the records, you can really only watch your helpless driver shatter every bone in his or her body so many times before it becomes a tad repetitive which is not something we ever thought we'd find ourselves saying, but it's true.

Other Platform Reviews for FlatOut 7.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Archived from the original on September 17, In career mode, pick up your future top racer from the junkyard.

You need to be signed rqcing to post a comment! Ignite is a racing game in which every race is different because of a unique scoring system. Most often it will be the smaller stuff that you can drive over, but you will encounter some sizable pieces of junk that you'll definitely want to avoid.

FlatOut 2 - Wikipedia

Cars deform to a spectacular degree, bodies scrunch up bit by bit with each progressive wreck, bumpers sheer off, and sparks fly every which way. Revolutionizing the series, it has been the gameplay model for Burnout games ever since.

The actual driving mechanics of FlatOut aren't terribly complex or deep, and they rely pretty heavily on lots of powersliding and crazy smashups for entertainment value, rather than on any real racing strategy to speak of.

Coolest car game ever made! I enjoy Flat Out 2 the best among the racing games I played The PC version of FlatOut 2 received "generally favorable reviews", while the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions received "average" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. The best aspect of FlatOut is its multiplayer.

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If the driver falls short of the target, players can use the "nudge". Most Wanted Become the most notorious. On top of everything else, the lack of custom-soundtrack support on the Xbox or Raicng is pretty annoying. Archived from the original on March 2, My Dolphin Show 8. The driving mechanics are well balanced and allow you to build your driving skill at a sensible rate.

FlatOut Review

The PS2 version is predictably rougher around the edges and not nearly as dynamic looking. Everything in FlatOut breaks apart. As it is, it's a very good game that falls just shy of greatness, and serious demolition racing fans would do well to check it out. Great music and brilliant driving mechanics Everything about FlatOut2 screams fast-paced excitement.

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