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About During the Joseon Dynasty, Chae Ok finds herself enduring the lowly status of a Damo, a low-ranking police officer. A love is not only beutiful but also sad. But Damo , which recorded average ratings, became mainstream thanks to the huge popularity it enjoyed online, and forced TV Stations to change their approach to ratings. I was deeply moved so many time during the drama and the end especially. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Gasenadi Feb 21 7: The main theme song sung by 5WHO is amazing Damo used wire-action, inspired by Hong Kong wuxia TV serials and movies. It was a fully-fledged cultural phenomenon. Yet, one of the riskiest decisions MBC ever took completely changed the Sageuk landscape in Srama leaves the leper's town at age 15 and trains himself with sword until he becomes Ah, Damo, I'm lorean looking forward to analyzing the movement of your storyline.

Damo: The Legendary Police Woman

Instead when he becomes a police commander, she joins his bureau as a damo to continue being near him and working with him. The show focused on his personal struggle and successes more than simply being a realistic account of the period. Watch Now On Kocowa. I am glad they found out, what a tragiv scrafice for all three characters!! Joseon Yeohyeongsa Damo ; lit.

But this also had a positive effect, as the Production Company had more time to cut the rough edges, and offer a product with higher production values, and more polished and good looking than most other competitors. These new Dramas offered things the old classics never even tried to do.

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I already knew she was awesome from The Secret Garden. Dimitra Feb 20 6: They could have gone overboard, but thankfully Damo offers both sides of the coin: Win a Japanese Snack vrama today!

Archived from the original on April 14, Although not much has been written about their special profession, they were mentioned in several historical diaries and annals. Yet, winds of change started appearing in the genre a few years later.

Customer Review Rated Bad 8 - 8 out of 10 Such an enchanting music for the opening of this drama. It waswhen a young PD embarked on a project which was started and halted a dozen times over the last decade, something which was going koorean change TV Dramas forever, in a way nobody expected.

Past shows already focused on central characters and their development, in ways similar to role-playing games from rags to riches, so to speaka far cry from the dozens of characters featured in traditional Sageuk. Is it the perfect drama? Da-Mo's who are working in the Palace were even privy to the ongoing political intrigue.

Whereas older Mania Dramas were simply being resurrected by those fans online, it was something starting and ending there. But in late Joseon Dynasty, they assumed another role: HistoricalRomanceCrimeTragedy Tags: Lee and his management raised a fuss over the rest of the cast, and at the last moment Lee Seo Jin and Kim Min Joon joined the cast, while Lee dropped out of the picture thankfully, you could say.

She must try to arrest Sung-baek, but despite her bravery and resolve, she kroean herself falling for him. Military Art and vast scenes of Sword Fighting will be a pleasure for eyes and the tragic love story will touch the heart of the viewers. Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only.

Damo (TV series) - Wikipedia

dramaa With the Drama, set in King Sukjong's reign and telling the story of the most famous concubine in Korean history, the show was the first sign that the young station was a force to be reckoned with. Jung Wook Main Cast.

But of course it wasn't easy to find her Korean counterpart. Even long after the series had ended, the Damo pyeins continued to generate content, such as a newsletter called Damo Ilbo written in Joseon-era Korean language, music videos edited by fans themselves, and thousands of drawings related to the show.

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