Dong yi korean drama

The actors were definitely good. The storyline is absolutely captivating, thou between chap. Dong-Yi became an orphan after her father the chief of the sword fraternity and a corpse handler and brother A member of the Fraternity was killed after they were accused of killing the nobles. Angela Apr 26 3:

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Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast. Dung yi's good and kindness always makes me want to cry.

Dong Yi - korean historical drama.(Han Hyo Joo and Ji Jin Hee) - Wattpad

Choi Chul Ho Ator Coadjuvante. Kang Yoo Mi Supporting Cast.

Retrieved from " http: But that may be awhile Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. For me, sageuk like SFD and Queen Seondeok are much better than Empress Ki, it's better to watch completely political drama than drama with trust issue between the main koean.

Thank you for nine great years

Mail required but will not be published. Park Jung Soo Ator Coadjuvante.

Retrieved 7 August Jung Yu Mi Ator Coadjuvante. Ji jin hee really brightens up the atmosphere each time n his chemistry with Dong yi is so believable and great.

Dong Yi - korean historical drama.(Han Hyo Joo and Ji Jin Hee)

BoyetteY Apr 17 1: Choi Il Hwa Supporting Cast. The whole production, direction, cast and crew contributed to a great motion picture.

Would recommend for those who love historical k-dramas: Lee Hyung Suk Supporting Cast. Aishwarya Apr 12 4: I don't know what happend at the end now and it is driving me crazy.

Alice Apr 30 9: Watch ' Dong Yi ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. I bought the whole series and for dtama woman to accomplish so much at that era is really astonishing. Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast.

Dong Yi Promotional poster for Dong Yi. This one is really worth my time. Lili Oct 21 3: The writer has done a good job with the script, especially if part of the goals was to make the viewer annoyed, sad, hopeful, laugh, angry, etc. Li Aug 22 2: Choi Ran Supporting Cast. I hope she getting another daesang in coming years.

Dong Yi (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Actresses and actors performance was outstanding in portraying scenes especially the King and Dong Yi romance. Kim Hye Sun Ator Coadjuvante.

Kim Yoo Jung Supporting Cast.

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