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I've spend 7 hours playing and I had a good time. Follow us on Twitter! Haven't Mario'd since the GameCube. Once again, Nintendo has taken a sport that not everyone likes and has transformed it into a fun-filled game that's suitable for any player of any age. I also prefer AO Tennis.

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That doesn't mean that is better than Top Spin 4 After all these years of waiting, tennis fans deserved something better than this shallow and buggy pseudo-realistic sport experience. As big a letdown as Tim Henman's efforts at Wimbledon, it does a huge disservice to Top Spin's legacy.

Playstation Official Magazine UK. It's a small developer so I think they knew their game wasn't perfect but couldn't afford the cost without releasing it. Smash Court 2 is the sequel to Namco's little known tennis game, Smash Court, which was originally released in Japan back in The game I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review for this game, in order to see if the studio was able to improve it That tennis game was SO good.

Smash Court 2 First Released Jun 18, released. All this publication's reviews Read full review. Top Spin is, quite simply, the most well-rounded, feature-rich game of tennis to be found anywhere, on any system. The ball kids don't move to retrieve the ball and no matter where the event is the umpire and crowd reactions are appalling even in exhibition mode playing at their version of Wimbledon. This means that timing seems irrelevant--you have no idea where to go to get the best strike on the ball.

First Released Jun 30, released. All this publication's reviews. There are 64 different tournaments that you can take place in, and four difficulty levels to choose from.

Tennis World Tour for PlayStation 4 Reviews - Metacritic

Virtua Tennis 3 First Released Mar 20, released. Obviously they have had a head start on patches. Virtua Tennis First Released unreleased. No amount of Pimm's should sanction you buying this. The graphics are fine on both.

Tennis Champs Returns puts focus on fun and gameplay over graphics, as this is essentially a reborn classic game from Amiga gaming console, which some of us remember tame well. I do still want a realistic tennis game though.

Hexacto's Tennis Addict First Released unreleased. The developer claims that controls gest this game are easy to learn, and that the gameplay is spot on.

Graphics are really good, and swiping is a rather important gameplay part of Ultimate Tennis. Lol Table Tennis was literally one of the first games I got in This is embarrassing given what was expected and promised during development.

I quickly discovered it is an all-around disappointment in every way. Tennis World Tour is a total failure. Can anyone tell which of these two games would be bettewr suited for me?


The events structure in career is also confusing. You will also be able to hire the coaching staff, and pretty much everything that a sports management game usually offers.

I miss Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast. Finally a tennis game for PS4. I wish they would just make Top Spin 4 back compat.

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